Wise Therapeutics Announces Healthcare Provider Integrated Deployments to Serve Critical Need for More Accessible Mental Health Treatments


Contact: Nayan Ghosh, Wise Therapeutics

Email: nayan@wisedtx.com

Wise Therapeutics Announces Healthcare Provider Integrated Deployments to Serve Critical Need for More Accessible Mental Health Treatments

Wise Connect™ Platform offers integrated HIPAA-compliant solution for deployment of digital therapeutics to patients

(APRIL 6, 2022, NEW YORK) Wise Therapeutics (Wise), a leading developer of game-based digital therapeutics for mental health, announced new deployments of their digital therapeutics across a variety of healthcare settings, ranging from therapy practices to large health systems. These deployments were enabled by the launch of their clinically integrated provider deployment platform, Wise Connect™.

Healthy Young Minds (HYM), a virtual pediatric therapy practice, began offering Wise’s digital therapeutic Personal Zen to its patients earlier this year. Through Wise’s integrated platform, HYM therapists were able to monitor their patients’ usage of the app as well as patient mental health status over time. “We are thrilled to partner with Wise and have the opportunity to offer their engaging, accessible digital therapeutics to adolescents receiving our behavioral and mental health services. Having a tool like Personal Zen integrated into their care offers our therapists an additional critical tool to assess and serve the needs of our clients,” said Paul Graf, HYM’s Chief Executive Officer.

These deployments run in parallel with the research and development of Wise’s upcoming pipeline of game-based prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs). Wise is working towards FDA clearance of these PDTs as validated mental health treatments that require provider prescriptions. Wise is aiming to launch its flagship PDT later this year as a treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder, following the completion of a recently launched clinical trial.

“Over just the last few months, we have seen a rapid evolution of US healthcare policy to support greater access to validated PDTs through reimbursement and regulatory reform,” said Raj Amin, Co-Founder and CEO of Wise Therapeutics. “We are excited to expand our work with frontline healthcare providers to address patient needs for effective, engaging and scalable treatment options for mental health.”


Wise Therapeutics combines clinical neuroscience with mobile gaming to develop engaging, clinically validated digital therapeutics that address pervasive mental health challenges. Wise Therapeutics’ mission is to have a powerful, positive impact on the global mental health crisis through digital therapies that lower barriers to access and are as engaging as they are clinically effective.