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We need new solutions to address today’s growing mental health crisis. 


of us will have a diagnosable mental illness in our lifetime, but . . .

Over Half

Don’t seek treatment

More accessible mental health interventions can improve the lives of millions each year and lower the risk of acute issues or events.

This is what motivates us.

Arcade is on a mission to transform how we access, engage, and deliver mental health treatment through novel therapeutic approaches that lower barriers to care.

Our treatments are:


7 Published RCTs

288 Patients studied in published trials


6 -12 Minute sessions

85% 30 day retention to prescribed dose

Optimized for Digital

We don’t digitize traditional therapy through long questionnaires and daily assignments. Instead, we take full advantage of what Digital has to offer.

Why Therapeutic Gaming?

In mental health, lack of engagement is why many people fail in taking action for self-care. As a medium, gaming is unparalleled in its ability to engage and immerse, capturing attention like no other format. 

Arcade is dedicated to exploring the positive therapeutic potential of mobile gaming by combining cognitive neuroscience with accessible, game-based treatments.

Our Team

Raj Amin

Co-Founder & CEO

Tracy Dennis-Tiwary, PhD

Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

Julia Schulhof

Vice President, Product

Nayan Ghosh

Vice President, Commercial Strategy

Hyein Cho, PhD

Consulting Research Director


Tim Juergens

Investor & Board Observer

  • SeedLink SL Partner
  • 20 year executive within Roche Diabetes Care
Nina Thomas

Industry Advisor

  • Vice President, Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals
  • Formerly Genentech, Bristol Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, Bayer
Alex Apollonsky

Data Architecture Advisor

  • Director of Data Architecture, Comcast
  • Mana Health Chief Technology Officer (‘14-’18)
Leigh Charvet, PhD

Clinical & Research Advisor

  • Director of Multiple Sclerosis Research, NYU Langone Medical Center
  • Formerly Johnson & Johnson, Stony Brook Medicine
Jennifer Ford, PhD

Clinical Advisor

  • Director of Hunter Psycho-Oncology Lab
  • Formerly Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

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