StarStarter Rx Research



StarStarter Rx’s core therapeutic method is a game-based approach to a decades-old area of clinical and neuroscientific research known as Attention Bias Modification (ABM).

The human brain is uniquely predisposed to subconscious, sub-second processing of faces. StarStarter Rx uses facial expression and gamification to re-train emotional and attentional patterns that can drive persistent feelings of social anxiety.


StarStarter Rx’s proprietary game mechanics have been designed and
optimized through a decade of neuroscientific research using:

StarStarter Rx is currently being investigated as a cognitive behavioral therapy in clinical trials and will be submitted for FDA’s review as a treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder. The foundational research into StarStarter Rx’s mechanism of action spans 7 randomized controlled trials and more than 230 study participants.

Our most recent randomized controlled trial, which leveraged a gold-standard placebo control, showed a robust impact on social anxiety symptoms:

  • In the active arm, more than 90% of participants showed reductions in LSAS anxiety symptoms, averaging 33%

  • The active arm (N=50) resulted in a mean LSAS reduction significantly above that of the control group (N=40)

  • 68% of participants saw a clinically meaningful reduction in their anxiety severity level

  • 38% showed reductions to sub-clinical cutoffs

Warnings and Limitations
Claims made above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. If you are also prescribed medication, StarStarter Rx is not intended as a substitution for your medication. You should consult your healthcare provider before using StarStarter Rx. StarStarter Rx is made available without a prescription under FDA’s enforcement discretion policy for digital health devices. For more information, please contact Arcade Therapeutics, Inc.