Through a clinically effective and engaging approach,
Arcade’s products integrate seamlessly into a holistic care journey


Arcade Connect :  A holistic approach to digital therapeutics

  • HIPAA-compliant, EMR-integrated dashboard for patient management and monitoring of wellness and prescription grade digital therapeutics
  • Clinical assessments for GAD, anxiety, fatigue and pain track mental health trending over time and offer risk triggers for continuity of care
  • Customization to personalized care regimens as needed
  • Mood mapping to complement CBT and mental wellness coaching
  • Enables tech-forward, holistic mental health treatment approach that fits easily into patients’ daily lives

Arcade’s first over-the-counter product, Personal Zen, is the first mobile game clinically validated to reduce anxiety and improve stress resilience. 


Arcade Therapeutics is developing its next-generation prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs) to be submitted to the FDA as prescribed treatments for targeted indications. 

These treatments will include: 

  • Algorithmically adaptive difficulty personalized to individual cognitive differences
  • Engaging new gameplay mechanics
  • Medication management, clinical assessments, and remote therapeutic monitoring functionality to complement holistic mental health treatment