The Only Mobile Game
treatment for social
anxiety disorder

The Only Mobile Game treatment for social anxiety disorder

Social anxiety disorder affects over 15 million adults in the US or approximately 1 in 14 per year. The pandemic has exacerbated the effects of social anxiety disorder, making it more important than ever to seek help. 

StarStarter Rx is a non-drug, game-based therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder that is currently undergoing clinical trials and will be submitted for FDA review as a prescription-only anxiety therapy.  Our fun and engaging game-based therapy effectively reduces social anxiety symptoms in >90% of people by an average of 33% after 30 days of treatment using our game just 4 times a week. In addition to this Early Access Program, StarStarter Rx is in limited launch with select healthcare providers, health plans, and employers.


Our StarStarter Rx Early Access Program will be available for a one-time discounted fee of $49 for 90 days of access.


Pricing has been temporarily reduced to offer patients direct access prior to the completion of our FDA submission process. Complete the early access request form below to be notified when you’re eligible for our Early Access Program and start your journey.


For additional information and instructions for use click the button below.

StarStarter Rx is a non-drug therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder currently in limited release with select payer and provider organizations. It is being investigated as a cognitive behavioral therapy and will be submitted for FDA’s review as a prescription-only anxiety treatment.

Gameplay Demo



In symptoms, averaging a reduction of 33%



Indicated to reduce social anxiety symptoms for patients 22-65

12 min


Play just 12 minutes a day, 4 days a week for 4 weeks

How it Works

StarStarter Rx’s core therapeutic method is a game-based approach to a decades-old area of clinical and neuroscientific research known as Attention Bias Modification (ABM).

The human brain is uniquely predisposed to subconscious, sub-second processing of faces. StarStarter Rx uses facial expression and gamification to re-train emotional and attentional patterns that can drive persistent feelings of social anxiety.

Device Requirements

  • Use the same mobile device for the duration of your treatment course.
  • Make sure your mobile device is charged and there is a stable internet connection before use to minimize interruptions.
  • iOS:  Supports the current iPhone iOS version and previous 3 major release versions. Refer to and select your phone’s iOS version to find out if your device is supported. 
  • Android: Supports the current Android version and previous 7 major release versions on devices with 2GB of RAM and a 64-bit processor. 
  • If patients ignore guidance and use StarStarter Rx with unsupported OS versions, we cannot guarantee that it will work properly.

Warnings and Limitations
Claims made above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. StarStarter Rx is not intended for use as a standalone therapy and does not represent a substitution for your medication. You should consult your healthcare provider before using StarStarter Rx.

StarStarter Rx is made available without a prescription under FDA’s enforcement policy for digital health devices for treating psychiatric disorders during the COVID-19 public health emergency (Document Number: 20023). For more information, please contact Arcade Therapeutics, Inc.

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